The technique of resource consumption accounting and its role in reducing costs

Applied research in the General Company for Textile Industries

Prof.Dr. Salah Mahdi Al-Kawaz   Bassem Abdel Hassan Abboud


One of the most important ways in which economic units succeed in the modern business environment Is to reduce the cost, Traditional systems are no longer able to provide management with accurate information on costs and assistance in decision-making to confrontation of modern business environment . Making companies adopt modern techniques to achieve the goal of reducing costs . One of the most important techniques is resource consumption accounting(RCA) Which aims at exploiting the resources of the unit for best exploit , This research aims at explain the extent to which this technique can be used in cost management, cost reduction and competitive advantage of economic units, , through application in the research  sample factory which have high cost product , powerful competition and whether they contribute to cost management by reducing them. Finally, the researcher suggested a set of recommendations through its findings.